What is it?

Hypnotic, that's what it is.

An interactive, noise-reactive LED light cube/sculpture/table/drum/toy/seat/you-name-it. Sit on it, stare at it, tap it, taste it... don't taste it. But definitely stare at it.

What does sound-reactive/touch-reactive mean?

The sensor inside the cube will pick up noise and change colours accordingly when set to Sound Mode using the remote. Drum on it, tap it, play music - and tag us in your videos!

What are some of the different light modes?

We literally keep finding new ones and you can combo em in multiple different ways. Here are some:

  • Single colour mode
  • Sound mode (reacts in time to noise)
  • Flash mode
  • Brightness adjustment
  • Speed adjustment

There are over 40 settings - knock yourself out.

What will I receive in my order?

With each order you'll receive:
  • One sound-reactive LED cube
  • One remote with spare battery
  • One micro-USB charging cable
  • A bloody good time.

How long will my order take to arrive?

We will dispatch your order within New Zealand within 5 business days; please allow 3-5 working days for postage once your order is dispatched.

Where do you ship to?

We can ship to New Zealand and Australia right now - send us a message if you're further afield and we'll get it sorted for ya.

I've just received my Aurora Cube - how do I get started?

Plug 'er in - it will turn on automatically. Make sure your cube has a good charge to start with; at least 4 hours is recommended.

Can I charge my Aurora Cube and use it at the same time?

Yeah good.

Can I open the bottom of my Aurora Cube?

You can, but please be aware the seal on the base must be intact for the Warranty to remain valid.

Does the Aurora Cube have a speaker?

It does, but we prefer to use this as a back-up if there are no other speakers available. Being inside the cube means the sound is contained so quality can be a bit dubious compared to your usual external music-making devices. This can be connected to your device via Bluetooth.

Can the Aurora Cube get wet?

As long as it's not sitting in water higher than a centimetre or so, you're good. This means rain/outdoor use is usually A-OK.

Can I submerge my cube?

Nah no good.

What happens if I lose my remote?

Yeah nah we can sort you out. Contact us to order a replacement.

Something's not working - what do I do?

Give us a bell - we'll help ya troubleshoot.

Is there a warranty?

We guarantee your Aurora Cube for six months from the date of purchase provided the seal at the base of the cube remains intact.

What's your refund policy?

If you're not enjoying the fck out of your Aurora Cube within 30 days, you can ship it back to us for a full refund. Unfortunately we cannot cover the cost of postage.

Refunds will be automatically returned to your original payment method; please allow time for your bank or card provider to process this as it may take 7-10 working days to show up in your account.

I'm epileptic - can I get one?

Yeah nah probably not. Some modes would be okay, but in sound-reactive mode or flash mode it can be very intense and we wouldn't recommend it. Safety first, yo.

Where is this made?

Our New Zealand team designed and assembled these cubes in North Canterbury using locally sourced and recycled materials whenever possible.